Our world premiere is Sunday, May 6th, at 1:00,
at the Macha Theatre in West Hollywood,
as part of the Awareness Festival
Buy tickets now!

The Macha is not the most cavernous theater in L.A.,
so don't come begging us for tickets after it sells out!
The Macha Theatre is at:
1107 North Kings Road (just off Santa Monica),
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Fish Chips and Mushy Peas - Independent UK film
"Win or go home" has never been meant quite so literally as it does in 2015's most popular game show, where first prize means citizenship and second place means deportation. After Iran has been bombed and re-named Freedomia, an American man, Adam, desperate to reunite with his daughter, and a Muslim woman, Isra, trying to escape Freedomia meet in a British house in a reality-TV hybrid of Big Brother and Survivor.

They must follow the increasingly maddening, near-Orwellian demands of the game show’s uber-patriotic Host, who exhorts the studio audience to enthusiastically chant things like “Only do what Host says, King Charles, follow order, don’t ask questions.” Even as Adam and Isra confront their own prejudices about each other, they must find out just how much they will sacrifice to become U.K. nationals. As it turns out, they have not been entirely honest with each other… Independent UK Film
Written and created by Raj Karsandas & Golnar Aref-Adib
Directed by Daniel Smith-Rowsey (danielsmithrowsey.com)
Sound design by Lucas Macial (lucasmaciel.com)
Produced by Richard Lewis
Starring Michelle Ghatan, Magnus McCullagh, Francis Whittaker, Beccy Rimmer
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Contact us directly, email: rajkarsandas@hotmail.com or olbiny@yahoo.com
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